Planting Seeds

Planting corn seeds in a Mazahua community (Mexico). From de Haan, M. (1999). Learning as cultural practice. Amsterdam: Thela.

The goal of this seminar is to discuss both theoretical and practical topics relating to knowledge in all its forms and its relationship to cultures. Like last year, we hope to have as many researchers as possible join us and participate in our exchange of ideas in a multidisciplinary atmosphere whose only goal is mutual enrichment.

In keeping with last year’s proceedings, before each session, participants will be invited to read a text that will then become the subject of an informal talk and critical commentary, followed by discussion. It will not necessarily be a matter of presenting results from one’s personal research work. More broadly, the goal of the gatherings is to address the participants, in a cordial and open atmosphere, on current theoretical and practical subjects which we find to be interesting and important.